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Bikes and Boudoir is the first photography website in the world to dedicate itself to fine art motorcycle boudoir photography. Boudoir photography has come a long way in the last few years and there is now so much more we can do than just glamour poses with bikes. Combining modern boudoir photography styles with motorbike produces sensational results every time.

Bikes and Boudoir is a large photography studio based in Caversham, Reading. Melanie is the lead photographer and has a passion for both boudoir photography and motorcycles. In her newest photography adventure she is combining the two and setting a new trend of motorbike boudoir. The sleek sexy lines of a motorcycle compliment  the curvy sexy lines of a woman so well that Melanie’s talent for fine art boudoir and motorcycles produce stunning results every time.

For those of us that don’t have a motorbike there are plenty of different sets and backdrops at the boudoir studio to suit all tastes. There is also a dedicated boudoir room that can be dressed from dark sensual bedroom settings to pristine white linen often used for bridal boudoir. Our sets are always changing so have a look through our gallery to see if there is anything that spurs you emotions.

Absolutely everyone is suited for Boudoir photography. The most amazing unimaginable photographs that you would never even have dreamed of can be created. Women and men of any shape, size and age come to our studio time and time again. You can choose to how much or how little you want to bear. Most come with an open mind and get more daring as the photoshoot goes along. Our all female team includes Melanie as lead boudoir photographer and Laura who will work wonders with your hair and makeup.

Other services include photography of your motorbike as it is. This can be carried out either on location or in the photography studio. We all know how precious our bikes are and having images professionally taken and edited can make some outstanding art work for your home you just never thought would be possible. See our gallery or read our blog and facebook page to see examples of our latest work.

The studio

The photography studio is based in Caversham, Reading in Berkshire close to the border with Oxfordshire. Melanie’s other photography business is One Life Studio where you can see examples of her other work such as weddings, portraits and makeover shoots.

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